For many years the league has discussed changing the match format so that each pair plays each other pair rather than just two of the opposition pairs, 9 rubbers in total.


This alleviates the old chestnut of pairs playing out of sequence but the counter argument is that the 3rd rubber for each pair could be a dead rubber if one of the teams has already reached the required 5 events to win a match.


Where it comes in very handy for the league is that it would allow us to amend our points system for matches to 2pts for a win and 1pt for a draw which would allow us to use the LTA match planner software so our results and tables would be done on line removing the need for scorecards etc.


It was decided at our last meeting that we would trial this match format in Mens Division D and Ladies Division C for next season to see if it works for us and the players involved.


I hope that the players involved in these matches embrace the trial and we will look forward to getting feedback throughout the season.


I will personally try to attend some of these matches to monitor how it is going.


We will shortly issue amended rules for these divisions regarding match play. If the trial is deemed a success then we will endeavour to get the results and tables online next season,


Thanks in anticipation,


Jamie Semple (Chairman LDTG)

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